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Yoga. What a word. Yoga, for me, is my art. Yoga is my creative, spiritual, emotional, and physical outlet. I like to teach what I practice, so in my classes you will find creative sequencing with fluid transitions, links between your physical and energetic bodies, a rad music selection, quirk and authenticity. I believe that what we learn on the mat can be connected to experiences that we face as human beings. As a student, I practice what I preach, and as a teacher I preach what I practice. I strive to be as authentic as possible when I am teaching yoga.

Yoga is a very powerful entity that has brought so much love into my life. It is truly a dream to be able to share something that I feel such a strong connection to. I was lucky enough to find yoga in an awkward transitional phase of my life, and I haven’t left my mat since then. I completed my 200 Hour YA Certification from Yoga Yoga in 2014, immediately after which I began teaching at Black Swan Yoga. I am constantly in pursuit of what I can learn next. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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