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It was the winter of 2009, and I fell in love. My first yoga class ever! I was 14 years old and the physical practice sparked a flame within me. As I continued with the asana practice, I slowly began to find myself being curious about the philosophy and spiritual aspects that yoga was beginning to show to me. After many years of the physical practice, and some self-studying on the spirituality, I decided to become an instructor so that I could take my practice to the next level. In January of 2015 I became a certified 200 hour instructor and fell even more in love with this practice that continues to give. Yoga has taken over my life and provided my life with passion, purpose and love. The union of body, mind and soul is the ultimate freedom!

Yoga will teach you to let go of those things that no longer serve you, to let go of the things out of your control and to find content and happiness in the only moment that exists, right now. It will help you plant your feet firmly in reality, with clarity and peace of mind, so that you can face life’s obstacles with a clear and ready perspective. It allows you to see that you are your own light and that you are a force to be reckoned with. It creates strength, love, courage, compassion, enlightenment and so much more for your life! I invite you to let yourself be open to the powers of this practice and see what it can do for your life. Namaste!

Email me! I’d love to meet and greet with you: samanthat@blackswanyoga.tv


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