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I have always moved my body. I've spent most of my life connecting movement with music. Dancing requires mindfulness and present time focus. It calls for me to dig deep inside to visually illustrate the tone and lyrics of the music by creating lines and shapes from my head to my toes.

At 21 I took my first yoga class at Black Swan Yoga, and I realized I had been doing many of the poses all my life. My dance directors called it, "stretching," or, "warming up" for practice. It was familiar, but very different. This time I was breathing, aware of my prana or life source, and using it as a tool to go deeper. I've learned how to link movement with breath, reach into the depths of my focus, and achieve more than I thought possible.

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Texas at Austin where I last performed with Redefined Dance Company. I feel so connected and in tune with my body after sweaty yoga I sometimes can't resist the urge to dance. Yoga is the best medicine, it's transformative powers have worked their way into my life. I am so glad to be sharing this practice with the Black Swan Yoga community.



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