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16. Priscilla's Channel  

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I was born and raised in the magical country of Brazil. Growing up I have always been very active and curious. One of the reasons that lead me to travel the world, and ended up finding the love of my life in the middle. Love is what has brought me both to Los Angeles and Yoga.

For me Yoga is like home: It’s warm, sweet and grounding. An instrument for self-transformation, self love -- a lifeline always available. I started practicing while pursuing my bachelors on Social Sciences and along with martial arts it was the mother of a huge shift inside of myself. It turned my gaze within so deeply, that I can never live without it.

I have accrued over 700hrs of training both in India and California, and this channel reflects my eagerness to mix a collage of different styles. Here you will find a Big Fun Yoga Salad!

There are many ways to walk the path of Yoga and sharing it has been total bliss. I’m so thankful for being able to share with each and every student. I would love to connect. Follow me on Instagram.

Email me! priscillal@blackswanyoga.tv

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